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    As Canada’s leading distributor of veterinary products and services, CDMV has been committed to contributing to the improvement of animal health and well-being by supporting veterinarians since 1972.

    Along with honouring its mission of distributor on a daily basis, the company is committed to creating a multitude of value-added solutions that are essential for a well-run veterinary practice. These innovations improve business efficiency significantly and free up time so our clients can focus on what really counts — animal care.

    Our ambition: to be recognized for our operational excellence as well as for being an essential partner dedicated to the development of the veterinary community.

  • Canada-wide specialized distributor

    CDMV: of one mind for animal health, from sea to sea.

  • A collective force

    We provide you with the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time.

  • Accuracy rate of over 99%

    Our multidisciplinary team of experts, along with cutting-edge technology, are the basis of our success.

  • Dedicated field teams

    Our teams work hand-in-hand with yours.

  • Marketing and management tools

    Our commitment goes well beyond our primary mission.
    CDMV: committed to doing more for veterinarians.

A message from the President

Contributing to the development of the veterinary community

CDMV dedicates itself with conviction every day to supporting the veterinary profession in all its forms, from one end of Canada to the other, taking into account the individuality of each practice.

Our success hinges inevitably on that of our clients, so we strive every day to be an engine for change and success in the industry. We place great value on supporting our veterinarian clients, and firmly believe in the collective strength and in the development of close relationships with our partners, always with the goal of generating healthy ambition for the development of this real vocation that is veterinary medicine.

We aim to do more for veterinarians; in the end, these joint initiatives are all for the benefit of animal health and well-being.


Lucia Pollice
President and CEO

CDMV, Perspectives 2019-2020

Summary of a productive year

The Perspectives document aims to present the projects and priorities put in place over the last year.

Each member of our team is entirely dedicated to the accomplishment of our mission. If we are convinced that we can achieve it, it is because we have confidence in the solid expertise of our team, as well as the devotion of our employees across Canada.

Individually, we are passionate about what we do.

Collectively, we remain entirely committed to, and strive to, always do more for veterinarians.

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View the document

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Social involvement

A positive impact on the community and on animal health

CDMV considers animal well-being and health to be extremely important. Year after year, we get to work with organizations that are dedicated to the same cause. As a major player in the veterinary industry, we feel it’s important to give back to the community and help make a difference.

That’s why we at CDMV support various organizations that are dedicated to facilitating access to veterinary care, to ensuring the safety of wounded or abandoned animals, or to raising awareness among Canadians of animal well-being.

By being actively involved in the activities and events of Canadian associations and professional orders, CDMV humbly plays a role in the development of the veterinary community.

Finally, we wish to reaffirm our everlasting support for the various veterinary institutions who foster the knowledge of tomorrow’s veterinary doctors.

CDMV always does more for veterinarians. Learn more about our range of services!