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Editorial calendar for your veterinary practice’s social media content

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Calendar for your veterinary practice’s social media content
Published on August 17, 2021

An active presence on social media ensures prime visibility for veterinary practices. But it’s time-consuming! 

That’s where the editorial calendar comes in: it allows you to plan all your social media posts in advance, to ensure consistency across your channels and to enhance the online visibility of your veterinary clinic. Our calendar contains several suggestions for posts. Gone is the need to stress about “missing” an important date that could have generated an enviable reach and engagement rate!

More results, with less stress: that’s the way we like it!


Download the calendar


How to use the calendar

1. Plan ahead!

No need to rush: we will roll out this tool one month at a time. That way, you can plan a short work session in advance to create additional content if you wish. At the end of each quarter, a review of the results should be conducted to analyze the top-performing content as well as less popular publications.


2. Add key dates for your veterinary clinic

You can add dates to the calendar that are significant for your practice. These dates could include:

  • Important events (such as employee birthdays or work anniversaries)
  • Promotions
  • Launch of an online boutique or new service
  • Any other initiative you will want to promote via your social media


3. Set the publication frequency

Publishing on a regular basis is one of the best ways to increase your visibility. The calendar provides two weekly publications. Although the recommendation is for at least three publications a week, managing your social media may not be your only task… so you need to make sure the pace is sustainable. Keep in mind that once posted online, content will receive comments. You will need to respond to them in order to maximize the visibility given to you by social media algorithms.

Now you’re ready to create your content! Whether you decide to use text, images, GIFs or other types of content, let your creativity run wild!


4. Schedule your posts

Are you familiar with Facebook’s tool for scheduling posts?
This is a great time-saving feature that you should definitely take full advantage of!

Keep in mind, however, that it’s important not to schedule your content too far in advance. This way you can adapt it if needed to reflect current events or changes in your environment.


5. Identify content that works

Take some time each quarter to review your acquisition and engagement statistics.

  • Which of your publications generated the most interactions (likes, comments and shares)?
  • Which ones produced more mediocre results? Focus on creating more of the type of content that works best and avoid under-performing content. It’s a simple but effective way to continuously improve the performance of your page.
  • Keep in mind that you can also boost a well-performing post from time to time to make sure more people see it. We’re referring here to a paid investment aimed at gaining greater exposure for a post.
  • Another aspect you need to think about is when you post your content. For example, do the posts you put online on Thursday work as well as those published on Tuesday? What about morning posts versus evening posts?
  • Do some tests to determine when your online community is most likely to interact with your content.


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