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10 idées de contenu pour votre pratique vétérinaire
Published on June 10, 2020

Not fully convinced of the role that social media – particularly Facebook – can play in your clinic’s success? Remind yourself that more than one out of two Canadians use social media to follow their favourite brands! Given that authenticity is one of the keys to a successful online presence, proposing original content can help build loyalty among your existing clients… and potentially attract new clients! Here are a few ideas that can be easily applied to ensure an effective online presence for your veterinary practice.


1.  Offer educational content

Pet owners adore their companions, but they don’t always know what’s good – or bad – for them. Give them the benefit of your expertise by offering practical advice.

An example? An infographic on foods that are toxic to animals.


2.  Humanize your patients

As you know, your clients treat their furry friends like part of the family. As such, any parallel between your four-legged patients and humans is sure to elicit a positive reaction. For example, many of your clients may be interested in a post-informing them that an 8-year-old cat is the equivalent of 50 human years.


3.  Acknowledge your staff

Your employees are doing a great job? Recognize their efforts – it is a great morale booster and encourages staff commitment! This type of attention also puts a human face on your clinic for the public, while highlighting the mix of passion and expertise that sets you apart.


4.  Think about key dates

Certain annual events or periods can be a rich source of inspiration, even if they are not related directly to your field. For example, since February is dental health month, you could post tips on oral hygiene for pets. You can also remind clients of certain actions they should take at specific times, such as preventing ticks with the arrival of spring. And why not take advantage of these moments to post fun content as well, such as publishing pictures of adorable puppies on International Hug Day?


5.  Talk about your patients

People love a good story. Do you have a touching story you want to share, such as the successful treatment of a gravely ill cat that came into your care? Post it! It’s guaranteed to generate a lot of likes, tender comments and shares!


6.  Post reports of lost pets

Losing one’s dog or cat is extremely distressing. When that happens, even a small gesture can make a difference. By posting each report of a lost pet, you can help the worried owner while at the same time forging special ties with your community. Once the pet has been found, you can also follow up with an update on the original posting. And, if all ends well, why not use the opportunity to promote a service such as microchipping?


7.  Have some fun with your community

Interacting playfully with your audience is strongly recommended. One good way to do this is a guessing game. Let’s say, for example, that one of your current patients has given birth to a litter of puppies: you could post a picture of the newborns and challenge your community to guess their race. Any excuse is a good excuse to educate your target audience using games or quizzes!


8.  Help with adoptions

Do you have clients who are no longer able to look after their pet? Your Facebook page is the ideal place to post an adoption notice. If your action reaches out into the wider community, it can even bring in new clients – the happy owners of the pet that was adopted thanks to you!


9.  Share your unusual experiences

Do you sometimes get unexpected patients, such as a skunk in a bad humour that has left a smelly present near the employee entrance? People love juicy anecdotes like this. Share these experiences with your community, and don’t forget the supporting evidence: people tend to react more strongly to a post when it is accompanied by a picture or video.


10.  Update your information

Your Facebook page is an excellent channel for communicating a change in your clinic’s situation, such as new business hours or the addition of new services such as an online boutique, the arrival of a new member on your team, etc. Make sure you keep your followers up to date on your latest news!


Have these ideas convinced you to shift into high gear? For maximum effectiveness and to optimize the time you spend on social media actions, it’s important to follow a plan.

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