Product purchases

General terms and conditions of sale in Canada

Special orders of products not on the CDMV price list

To fully meet your needs CDMV may occasionally order certain products that do not appear on this list. However, no returns will be authorized for these special orders. Please contact your CDMV Account Representative or the Customer Service Department for any special orders.

Orders of controlled drugs, precursors, targeted substances, narcotics

Veterinarians can order controlled drugs (C), precursors (P), targeted substances (T) or narcotics (N) on our secure website or by mail. Choose the desired option in the menu at the right.

Pick up of your order at the St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Halifax and Calgary warehouses

The customer or an authorized employee may pick up an order in person during warehouse working hours, at the shipping department, 3 hours after placing the order. The employee authorized to pick up an order will need to show a government issued picture ID. To obtain further details, please contact customer service at 1-800-668-2368.

Delivery charge

A delivery charge may be applied to your order according to CDMV’s delivery policy in force in your region. The choice of carrier is at the discretion of CDMV. Shipments by a carrier of your choice are at your expense.


CDMV will respect in full the manufacturer’s warranty without offering any additional warranty.

Property and risks

Delivered merchandise remains the property of CDMV until the final and full payment of the invoiced amount. Upon receipt of goods, the purchaser fully assumes all risks caused by loss or damage until full payment has been received.

Delivery follow-up, claims

Although CDMV’s liability ceases when the packages are accepted by the carrier, the Customer Service Department will submit claims against the carrier on your behalf. However, your collaboration is essential. Upon receipt of the goods, carefully check your order against the bill of lading before signing it. You must indicate on the bill of lading the number of packages received, and if applicable, damaged or lost boxes. Otherwise, the carrier will not be held responsible for any loss or damages.

Missing products, broken items or order errors must be reported to the Customer Service Department within 48 hours of receiving merchandise.


CDMV is not liable for publication errors or for any mistakes that could result from the information contained in this price list.