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Customer Service at 1 800 668-2368.

Technical requirements

Online purchase reports allow you to have both a general and a detailed view of all the purchases you have made at CDMV. This tool provides you with an intuitive and flexible interface that will enable you to easily find the information you need.

  • User name and password for the Web site
  • Internet connection (high speed recommended)
  • Web browser (Internet Explorer 7 or newer, Firefox 6 or newer, Safari 5 or newser, etc.)
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels or greater

Data updates

Your purchase data is updated every Tuesday morning.*

*The Purchases by Invoicing Category report is updated monthly, on theTuesday following the 4th of each month.

A moving three-year history of your purchases dating back from the current month is available at all times (2 years on the timeline with comparison to the previous year).

Requesting access to online purchase reports

Get your full access to your personalized purchase reports for free!

Fill out our online request form. An email will be sent to a member of our customer service team who will set-up your access. You will receive an email confirming that your access is activated.

Accessing purchase reports

Accessing online purchase reports

Visit the Online Purchase Reports section. Click on Access your purchase reports, you will be prompted to enter your username and password.

Compatible web browsers

Our site is tested and compatible with the following browsers:

What browser are you using?

If you wish to continue using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and 10, please enable the TLS 1.2 security protocol:

  1. Select "Tools" > "Internet Options".
    NOTE:  Depending on your IE settings, the "Tools" menu may be a gear icon in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Go to the "Advanced" tab.
  3. Scroll down to the "Security" section.
  4. Locate and check "Use TLS 1.2".
  5. Then, press the "OK" button.

You may need to close and reopen your browser in order for this new setting to take effect.

Use of purchase reports

Consulting our online purchase reports is easy:

  1. Choose a report type  with the help of our drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of the window.
  2. You can choose to see the purchases for all your clinics or for each of your business addresses.
  3. Choose the desired period  with the “timeline” in the upper left-hand corner by indicating the start and end of the period. By moving the points, a tooltip will inform you of the month(s) selected. A maximum period of 12 months can be selected. .
    N.B.: To choose a one-month period, superimpose the two arrows.
  4. Some reports will give you extra options to refine the results.
    N.B.: When making a change to the selection parameters, you have to click on the “Refresh” button once again in order to display results according to these new parameters.

    View your purchases
  5. Sort the information displayed on the screen by clicking on the column headings. Click a second time to sort in reverse order.
  6. Add up to 2 additional sorting commands by clicking in the column heading. Cancel a sorting series by clicking a third time on the column heading. (N.B.: The default sorting order will be restored the next time you visit.)
    N.B.: If there were no purchases during certain months in any of the categories or from any suppliers, these months will not be displayed in the table in order to optimize screen space.


Extra options are displayed for the following reports by clicking the "Options" button at the top right.

Interactive Report

  • Include purchases from the previous year (visible in the bar graph and the purchases table);
  • Have a summary report (a column displaying the total) or a detailed report (one column per month);
  • Show purchases organized by month (January 2011 vs. January 2012) or organized by period (January–February–March 2011 vs. January–February–March 2012)*; 
  • Display amounts and/or quantities.

* Only if the detailed report includes purchases from the previous year.

Export and print your data

Export your graph in image or pdf format

Allows you to save your graph as an image (png, jpg or svg) or a pdf document.

Print your graph

Click on “Print” at the top right. The printing options for your Web browser will be displayed.

As needed, change the orientation of the paper (portrait vs. landscape), type of paper, color, etc. depending on the options provided by your printer.

Export your table into Excel

Click on “Export in Excel” in the upper right corner of the table.

Here you may choose to open your file with Excel or save it to your computer.




Our system allows you to automatically round off your retail prices in order to give them a more “marketing” look. You can choose to round off to the closest 9 or the next 9, or choose not to round off at all.



Customize your labels with your logo and the name of your practice and contact information. Choose your logo and enter up to 3 lines of personalized text.


Printer Adjustment

How to Reposition Your Labels

If the printed results are not aligned, it may be necessary to calibrate your labels for a specific printer. You can shift the label alignment slightly by following the steps below. These settings will apply to your current business address.

  1. Review your labels to determine which direction (Left or Right) they need to shift in order to align correctly.
  2. Make and apply changes from the "Printer Adjustment" section of the Configuration page.
  3. Test print on plain paper first. Return to the "Printer Adjustment" section to make additional adjustments, if needed.

Important: Always print your PDF using the "Actual Size" option.


The online labelling tool allows you to create merchandising labels. In addition to clearly identifying and showcasing products on your shelves, the labels and shelf cards will tie together the look of your retail space. Your customers will love them !

PF1 – Product label

Size: 2.625 in x 1 in


These adhesive labels show your practice name and logo, and the product name and format.


T3 – Shelf card

Size: 2.5 in x 1.25 in

These cards show the name / format of product, price, bar code and species pictogram. Use them with shelf card holders available at CDMV (# 103302 to 102305, 115492, 115493).


To Access the Labelling tool

To access the labelling tool, logon to and hit eServices, sub-menu Labels.


Create and print your labels yourself, when you need them. Print only the quantity you really need, no more waste !

New! You no longer have to choose between the product label (PF1) and the shelf cards (T3). You can get both !


You have more than one business address?

You can manage your retail prices and create labels for each address. The tool is designed to allow for a personalized price policy for each address, in keeping with the local market.


You need blank labels and shelf cards to print on ?

Purchase them at CDMV ! Click on Shelf Cards or Product Labels in the left menu to automatically add them to your shoppong cart.


Need help ?

Contact our Customer Service team at 1-800-668-2368.


By invoicing category

Choose the product category from the drop-down menu and  enter the markup. Hit Save to add the markup to the list.

To modify a markup for a product category, select the category and enter the new markup, then Save. The new markup will replace the old one in the list.

To delete a product category and its markup, click on the corresponding trash icon.


By supplier

Choose the supplier in the drop-down menu and enter the markup. Hit Save to add the markup to the list.

To modify a markup for a supplier, select it and enter the markup, then hit Save. The new markup will replace the old one in the list.

To delete a supplier and its markup, click on the corresponding trash icon.

Note: The markup by supplier takes priority over the markup by category.


Exception by product

Click on « Add Product » use the search boxes to find the product you want to add.

Once you found the product, check the box under Select, and click on Add.

To modify a markup or to enter a fixed price for a specific product, enter it in the blank fields on the Markup rate list and hit Save.

To delete a product, click on the corresponding trash icon.

Note: The markup by product takes priority over the markup by supplier and by category.

Label production

From one of your orders

From the Orders sub-menu, choose an order by clicking on the « Order Number ». Then click on the corresponding Labels icon.


If you already have an ongoing label list, you will see this message pop-up.

If you click OK, the labels from the order will be added to the ongoing list. To create a new label list, go to « Label Production » and hit « Delete list ».


Manually add labels

To manually add labels to your list, enter the CDMV code and hit Add.


You can modify the quantity of labels to print, the markup (if you do modify the markup at this stage, it will automatically be saved in the Exception by Product section) or the fixed price.

When your list is complete, click on « Generate labels ». Make sure you checked the « Generate » box for all the products for which you would like to create a label.


Choose the label type

Choose the desired label type (product label or shelf card).


For your product labels, you can reuse a page of labels by specifying the position of the first label in the page. Printing will begin at this point on the page.

Divide products in packs and create labels for single units

New ! You can create single labels for products purchased in a multipack format.

Click on the format.


A line will be added to the list with the quantity of single labels with their unit price. You may choose a different markup for items sold individually.



The text on your label is shifted and it prints out the labels area



Make sure you use Adobe Reader to open the label file. When in the "Print sizing and handling" section, select "Actual Size".


You can shift the label alignment slightly to the left or right in the "Printer adjustment" section in the "Configuration" menu.

  1. Review your labels to determine which direction (Left or Right) they need to shift in order to align correctly.
  2. Make and apply changes from the "Printer Adjustment" section of the Configuration page.
  3. Test print on plain paper first. Return to the "Printer Adjustment" section to make additional adjustments, if needed.


Get your Invoices in PDF

The invoices for all transactions of your CDMV account are available online and those of your new transactions are available the day after your order will be shipped, whether placed online or over the phone. Here's how to get a PDF version of your invoice:

  • On the transactional website, go to the upper right menu "eServices"
  • Connect with your access codes
  • Go to the "Invoices" submenu. This section displays the invoice of the last 7 days by default.
  • Use the search tool to find the desired invoice (if required)
  • Click on the invoice number in the first column
  • The PDF version of your invoice will be displayed on the screen



If you search in a range of dates, you will be able to download a single PDF containing all the invoices produced during that period.


You do not want to receive your invoices by mail?

  • On the transactional website, go to the upper right menu "Profile"
  • Connect with  your access codes
  • In the right section, go to "Preferences" menu
  • In "Business correspondance", put a checkmark in the box "I agree to no longer receive my invoices by mail."
  • Click "Apply".

Online order guide


Visit and click on the “To order” button
(top right of your screen)

1. Identify yourself in the login menu


 a) Enter your username and password.

 b) New here? Click “Register” to create your access codes!


2. Quick order, the fastest way to place an order


 a) Enter the CDMV codes and your quantities, or

 b) Upload an existing list (.txt format).

 c) Hover on the return icon (arrow) to see the item’s return policy.

 d) See each item’s availability in real time.

 e) Choose an equivalent, if necessary.

 f) Add your items to the shopping cart when you are done.


3. Verify the contents of your shopping

    cart and place your order


 a) Modify items or quantities in your shopping cart.

 b) Click on « Checkout » to complete your transaction.

 c) Choose your ship-to address and shipping details.

 d) Choose your bill-to address and payment method.

 e) Review order details and place your order. You will get an

     official order number and a confirmation of your order via email.

Search Tool Assistance

To Start a Search

Our search tool allows you to research a product in many different ways. Therefore, you can enter:

  • The name of the product or supplier
  • The product’s code (no matter  the provenance)
  • Ingredients that you are looking for
  • The specie for which you are making a research
  • An indication (for example “cat vomit”)

In addition, you will be provided with search suggestions after entering the first three characters in the search bar. The tool will offer suggestions even if the spelling is inaccurate or if there is a reversal in the letters of the word.



Search Results

The search results display the following product information:

  • The product name
  • The supplier name
  • The CDMV code
  • The sales format
  • The conditions of return of the product
  • The warehouse availability associated with your account
  • The Item status
  • The next delivery date
  • The regular price
  • The billed price


Search Filters

Those criteria will help you find what you are looking for quicker. Furthermore, once your research is launched, it is possible to affine your results with the left side menu.  It can help you :

  • See our promotions
  • Choose the product by supplier
  • Specify the category of product you are seeking
  • Specify the use you want for the product

Afterwards, if you want to change your specifications, click on: Clear search filter

Export in Excel

You can also export the list in a Microsoft Excel format by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page (you must be logged in).

It will open an Excel file with the following information:

  • A description of the product
  • The CDMV code
  • The sales format
  • The supplier pack (supplier’s sales format)
  • The supplier’s name
  • The therapeutic class
  • The regular price
  • The billed price

Vetware orders

Please refer to item 6 of module 3 pdf in the Solutions Vet Academy

*Please note that you must be logged in to gain access, but you do not need to buy the module

Create your access codes

An online ordering site that is safe and compliant to the requirements of Health Canada

The first step will be to setup your new access codes to be used solely for the controlled substances ordering website. Each authorized person in your veterinary establishment must create his/her own access codes to place a controlled substances order.

For security and compliance reasons, you will be asked to sign "Signature Monitoring and Web Access".

By signing this document, you agree to protect and not share your username and password to order controlled substances on the CDMV website. Once your access is created and this document duly signed and received at CDMV, you will be able to place your orders.

For each order, a unique PIN will be sent to your email. Please retrieve this PIN and enter when prompted to confirm your order.


Where to find the controlled substances ordering website?

Find the controlled substances ordering website from the homepage using the menu alongside the "To Order" button


  1. View the products by choosing the molecule or by entering the product name in the search tool
  2. Find many familiar elements : shopping cart, eServices, Profile, etc.

Place your controlled substances order

To place your controlled substances orders:

  • Add to your shopping cart from the search tool;
    As for regular products, the search tool displays the availability in real time (from the St-Hyacinthe vault) and the return policy for each items

  • Use the Quick Order

When will my controlled substances order be delivered?

When you place your order before 1 p.m. (Eastern time), it will be picked and shipped the same day. The delivery date depends on your location and carrier.

How to Delete Browser's Cookies

After you log in to the CDMV transactional site, if you get a message like "Application Error...", it's because there is a conflict with a session cookie on your Web browser. To address this problem, delete the session cookies on your browser. The procedure varies depending on the browser.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer (select your version in the upper-right menu)

For Mozilla Firefox

For Google Chrome

Apple Safari


Session Timeout

For your protection, if we detect any activity of your browsing session 30 minutes after you log in with your access codes, you will be automatically logged out of the transactional website. This standard safety measure in the ecommerce industry protects you against unauthorized access.

New! Electronic signature

Now you can electronically sign your Acknowledgement of Receipt form for controlled drug orders and the End-Use Declaration for Precursors document.

What is an electronic signature?

An integrated solution to improve your experience

  • The electronic signature does not require a handwritten signature, but rather it uses a secured stamp.
  • Your ordering process will not change – the electronic signature is built into CDMV’s current platform.
  • There is no need to install special software to sign your forms electronically – you only need your current web browser.
  • Available anywhere and anytime from any web-enabled device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or a laptop. Silanis e-signatures are compatible with Apple®, Android® and Windows® devices.

Is it secure?

Priority is given to the document integrity and security

CDMV chose Silanis, a world leader in electronic signatures who:

  • Have more than 20 years of experience.
  • Have the highest customer satisfaction rating (97%) of any e-signature vendor.
  • Handle 1 billion electronically signed documents each year in the world.
  • Provide their eSignLive solution service to several large insurance companies, banks and government agencies around the world, as well as in regulated industries.

McKesson and Shoppers Drug Mart are already trusting eSignLive.

Is it legal?

The electronic signature provides total legal protection and built-in audit trails, based on a 3-level process:

  1. User authentication
  2. Document authentication
  3. Process evidence.

Silanis electronic signature complies with Health Canada’s recommended practices.

Is it complicated?

Quick and easy – you sign with just one click

  1. You order your controlled substances online.  If you do not already have your access to order controlled substances online, please go on the controlled substances website at and click on “Register – Create your Access Codes”
  2. The Acknowledgement of Receipt form will be displayed on the controlled substances website home page the morning following your order and you will be notified by email.
  3. You have 5 days to sign the form. Beyond that 5-day period, you will not be able to place any new controlled substances orders.
  4. If you have not signed the Acknowledgement of Receipt form within 5 days, the expired document will be displayed in red on the home page and you will receive a reminder by email.

What do I gain by using this solution?

It’s economical and ecological – your peace of mind is guaranteed

For just $1 per order, or the same cost as a postal stamp:

  • Save time. The electronic signature process is instantaneous – you can avoid delays due to the regular mail system.
  • Prevent the return of incomplete documents. The electronic signature guarantees that all required fields are filled before sending the form.
  • Access your documents. Your signed documents are available anytime under eServices (Orders – Shipment details).

Electronic signature - Frequently asked questions

How do I activate my online access and my Silanis electronic signature?

If you already have your access code to order controlled substances, we ask that you complete the “Request for Silanis Electronic Signature” form (contact us to get your form) and to send us an ID bearing your signature for validation purposes.

If you do not yet have your access code to order controlled substances through the web, you can register online on the “Controlled Substances” login page and by clicking on the “Register – Create your Access Codes” link.

Can I choose not to use the electronic signature service and come back to the regular mailing order method?

We encourage online orders, as they are processed faster, in a more secure and compliant way, compared to documents sent by regular mail or our drivers.

If you decide not to use the electronic signature service, you can always come back to the mail-in order form and the longer delays. In this case, you may not continue to use the website to order your controlled substances as your access code will be deactivated.

Where will the copy of my personal ID be stored?

All your confidential documents will be stored in your personal file inside our secured vault, which complies with Health Canada’s requirements.

What happens if I do not sign the Acknowledgement Receipt form within 5 days?

You will receive an email notifying you that your acknowledgement receipt form is overdue. You will then be invited to connect to the controlled substances ordering website and to sign all pending acknowledgement receipt forms. After the 5-day delay, you will not be able to order any more controlled substances as long as your acknowledgement receipt forms remain unsigned. As soon as you sign your pending forms, you will immediately be able to place a new order.

The veterinarian usually placing the controlled substances orders is going on vacation. Can another team member use his/her access code to place orders or to sign acknowledgement receipt forms?

No. For compliance and security reasons, a veterinarian requesting web access to order controlled substances commits to not sharing his/her access code.

Our controlled substances order was delivered, but the veterinarian who placed the order is not on site and cannot sign the acknowledgement receipt form. What should we do?

The veterinarian can sign the acknowledgement receipt form from anywhere, using a computer or a mobile device with internet access. No one except the authorized veterinarian who placed the order can sign the acknowledgement receipt form and, for compliance reasons, we recommend that you do not use the products as long as the acknowledgement receipt form is not duly signed.

There is a shipping error in my order, what should I do?

Although errors are rare, they sometimes occur. In the event of an error, do not sign the acknowledgement receipt form if the products do not match those on the packing slip. Contact our Customer Service Team - Technical Service as soon as possible and we will adjust the acknowledgement receipt form with the right information so you can sign it promptly.

I wish to return products ordered by mistake, should I sign the acknowledgement receipt form?

If you received all products listed on the order, you need to sign the acknowledgement receipt form to prevent blocking any future orders. If you need to return a product, please contact our Customer Service Team and follow the regular procedure.

What happens if I pick up my orders in person?

Place your order as you normally do, to be picked up during the day. The acknowledgement receipt form will be generated and available for your online signature the following day.

Why is there a $1 fee and how does it apply?

For roughly the cost of regular postage, you get a quick and hassle-free solution, including high-security hosting of your signed documents and process evidence. The fee applies for each order, even in the case of multiple shipments. If you place several orders during the same day, the $1 fee will apply every time, even if the products are all delivered in one shipment.

Do I need to install any software or access another website to sign my forms?

No. CDMV offers you a solution that is totally integrated into the controlled substances ordering portal. You do not need to open an account at Silanis or install any additional software or application. You will use the same access code, whether you are placing orders or signing your acknowledgement receipt forms.

Where will I find my signed documents for future use?

All the documents you sign electronically are always available in the section eServices > Orders > Shipment details.

Get your Statement of Account in PDF

Your statements of account are available online from their production. Here's how to get a PDF version:

  • On the transactional website, go to the upper right menu "eServices"
  • Connect with your access codes
  • Go to "Statements" submenu.
  • Click on the "Statement" icon for the desired dates
  • The PDF version of your statement will appear on the screen


You do not want to receive your statement of account by mail?

  • On the transactional website, go to the upper right menu "Profile"
  • Connect with  your access codes
  • In the right section, go to "Preferences" menu
  • In "Business correspondance", put a checkmark in the box " I agree to no longer receive my account statements by mail."
  • If you would like to notified when your next statement is ready, put a checkmark in the box "Notify me by email when a new statement is available."
  • Click "Apply".

Get your Packing Slips in PDF

The packing slips of your orders are available online as soon as your orders are shipped. Here's how to get a PDF version:

  • On the transactional website, go to the upper right menu "eServices"
  • Connect with your access codes
  • You automatically see the content of the "Orders" submenu. This section displays your orders of the last 7 days by default.
  • Use the search tool to find the desired order (if necessary)
  • Click on the "Shipment Details" icon in the row corresponding to the order for which you require the packing slip

  • In the "Shipment Details" page, click on the number to the right of "Shipments for this Order"

  • In the "Shipment Number Details" page, click on the "Download"link to the right of "packing slip".
  • A warning: "This may take a minute, do you want to continue?"
  • Click OK.
  • The PDF version of your delivery will be displayed on the screen

Custom Price Lists

You can now get your price lists, complete and always up-to-date, from our online search tool.

Here is how to proceed, in a few simple steps:

1. Go on and hit the green button at the top left of the page to access the order website.

2. In order for you to see your personalized information (your prices, product availability, etc.) open a session by clicking on "Login".

3. On the order website homepage, type in the name of the supplier in the search box. You can check the "Supplier" box in the drop-down menu.

You can use the filter options at the left to re ne your search results, by category or by usage

4. For a price list including all the products found, go to the bottom of the page to export the list. If you do not see the “Export the list” button, it is because you need to login first.

5. You get an Excel  le that you can sort alphabetically or by therapeutic class, by CDMV code, etc. Always up-to-date with your custom pricing!