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    My Veterinary Supply

    CDMV supports veterinarians in their recommendations by giving them access to a wide variety of high-quality products.

    CDMV is the only pan-Canadian distributor exclusive to the veterinary field, and has been in business since 1972. It provides top-notch service based on quality and excellence, in addition to ensuring increased availability of products. The company also offers a multitude of marketing and management tools specific to the veterinary field.

    More than a distributor, CDMV is committed to providing real added value to health care teams in all areas of their practice.

  • Canada-wide specialized distributor

    CDMV: of one mind for animal health, from sea to sea.

  • A collective force

    We provide you with the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time.

  • Dedicated field teams

    Our teams work hand-in-hand with yours.

  • Accuracy rate of over 99%

    Our multidisciplinary team of experts, along with cutting-edge technology, are the basis of our success.

  • Marketing and management tools

    Our commitment goes well beyond our primary mission. CDMV: committed to doing more for veterinarians.

Access to a vast selection of high-quality products
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CDMV always does more for veterinarians. Learn more about our range of services!

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