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    Thanks to CDMV, veterinarians can count on high-quality training programs for their teams.

    These programs, developed in conjunction with experts, provide opportunities for onsite training to acquire or brush up on business concepts that are essential to managing a veterinary practice.

    CDMV is always looking to the needs of its clients and developing a variety of programs adapted to the industry.

  • Marketing
    and e-commerce

    E-commerce readiness training program

    E-commerce is everywhere these days, including the veterinary field. To successfully incorporate e-commerce into a veterinary practice, you need to learn about it, understand it, and most of all, prepare for it properly. CDMV offers a complete training program that provides tools for managers and their teams and prepares them to incorporate an online boutique into their practice.

    E-commerce 101
    • How consumer trends are evolving
    • The human touch in the digital age
    • How to get ready for e-commerce
    • Improving the net profit of your veterinary practice
    Website 101
    • Content, design and structure
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Managing your digital reputation and social media
    • Web analytics: why and how
    Rally the team to offer the best customer experience
    • Team roles and responsibilities
    • Launching an online boutique: before, during, after
    • Setting objectives and planning rewards
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  • NEW!
    and e-commerce

    AAHA/CDMV: Client marketing

    How to use marketing tactics shouldn’t be a mystery, so CDMV created a training program for veterinary practices. The goal of the program is to get you started with a series of concrete actions that will have a positive effect on the promotion of your practice. The three-part program was developed with AAHA and includes simple concepts that are specific to veterinary practices, as well as team activities to help ensure comprehension.

    Client education and compliance
    • Nurture: Know your clients — make recommendations rather than sales
    • Educate: Inform your team and get them involved
    • Add value: Explain thoroughly to increase comprehension
    • Shine: Work as a team to create engaging material
    Client satisfaction
    • Differentiate between types of interaction and how they affect client relationships
    • Understand the importance of client feedback
    • Take action and make changes as needed
    Develop your brand
    • Understand the different facets of your message
    • Meet challenges specific to the veterinary field; marketing tips
    • How to present the right image
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  • Retail

    Merchandising 101

    A boutique that sells is a boutique that has put some thought into its merchandising plan. CDMV’s retail specialists give training that explores the essentials of optimal merchandising: planograms, pricing, tools, misteps to avoid, etc. This training provides an essential overview for any veterinary team preparing to set out on the adventure of  a retail boutique, a profitable add-on that increases customer traffic.

    Key concepts: 
    • Key elements of an effective visual presentation
    • Merchandising tools for you
    • Costly mistakes to avoid
    • Enhance the environment and offer a high-quality customer experience
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  • Retail

    Integrating a veterinary boutique

    When CDMV clients decide to add a retail boutique, our team will support them and provide all the information and tools they need to make your foray into the world of retail a success. Basically, this training aims to provide an overview of the essential concepts of managing a retail operation.

    Key concepts: 
    • Product offering: variety, choice and merchandising techniques
    • Effectively managing day-to-day activities
    • Maximising customer experience by optimizing the indoor environment
    • Accessories and health care products: recommendations
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  • Business
    Training Programs

    Communicating better

    The key to a team’s success is its ability to communicate, so CDMV provides a training that will help you understand the different personality types of your team members and integrate a variety of tools and good communication habits into your work environment.

    Key concepts: 
    • Understanding emotional intelligence
    • Personality assessment
    • Effective communication
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Improved knowledge and skills thanks to proven training programs
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