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    My thematic campaigns

    To empower veterinary doctors and their teams in their efforts to raise awareness, CDMV has created thematic campaigns with playful yet powerful tools. The educational messages prompt animal owners to take action and follow the recommendations of their veterinarian, and at the same time to enhance the health and well-being of their pet.

  • Campagne Antiparasitaire
    Parasiticides campaign

    Raising awareness throughout the year means more people follow recommendations, so CDMV invites you to take the opportunity at every visit to the clinic to talk about the importance of parasite prevention.

    Did you know?

    • Practices that used parasiticide campaigns increased the number of protected animals up to 30%*.
    • Tools focused on prevention are more efficient when used two years in a row.

    Raising awareness among pet owners year round has a positive impact on the number of protected animals.

    *CDMV analysis based on the increase in sales, in addition to natural market growth. 

    Promotional tools available for:
    • Clinic
    Find out more
    Find out more
  • Gestion de poids CDMV
    Weight management
  • Seniors campaign
Pet owners who are more aware of animal well-being
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