Message From Our President - CDMV

Message From Our President


Dear partner,

On behalf of my team, I would like to express our gratitude for the support you have shown us following the many changes introduced this past year.

To serve you better and keep pace with your changing needs, while integrating new practices and logistical innovations, we have taken the crucial steps necessary to achieve our goal of operational excellence. This is the result of a major corporate review that has led us to refocus our activities on our core strength: distribution.

With this in mind, we have developed major projects that, of course, involve new ways of doing things, for us as well as for you, hence our appreciation for your support.

As a specialist in supply chain management, I am particularly proud that we have completed the deployment of a new warehouse management system in all our distribution centres in Toronto, Saint-Hyacinthe, Halifax, and Calgary.

The benefits of this cutting-edge technology are numerous: more accurate order picking, increased speed of execution, improved order tracking and content identification, and better inventory management resulting in fewer out-of-stock products.

Another major accomplishment, our new transactional platform, has just been launched. The transition is taking place gradually, by client segment. If you don’t have access yet, stay tuned.

We took into account user feedback to design a faster, more user-friendly tool that offers more autonomy, flexibility, and product information. We are always open to your suggestions to continuously improve our new platform.

In this context, in response to client demand, we will permanently extend our customer service hours for incoming calls as of March 6.

New schedule – Customer Service
New schedule – Customer Service

I invite you to watch our new corporate video that showcases our progress.

See the video
See the video

My team and I are continuing our journey together, at your side. We will continue to develop other initiatives to better serve you, wherever you are located in Canada.

Thank you for your cooperation


Serge Varin
President and CEO