Branding 101

2 minutes
Published on June 10, 2020

For many people, a brand is just a logo. But even though the logo is an essential component of the branding concept, there are many other elements to consider when choosing to create or revamp the image of a veterinary practice.


What is a brand?

A company’s brand is a reflection of its personality: how it expresses itself, what feelings it triggers in its clients and in its employees too, a target that should not be ignored. A brand also represents the quality of the services offered. Successful branding is about doing everything possible to create an emotional attachment to your brand (or to your veterinary practice) and, in the process, to build strong customer loyalty.


When is it time for a change?

Is your veterinary practice due for an overhaul of its brand? To find out, ask yourself the following questions or better yet, engage your team in a brainstorming session:

  • Overall, are you proud of your brand image?
  • Does it stand out from other brands?
  • Is your brand aligned with the profile of your veterinary practice’s target audience?

Your answers to these questions will tell you whether it’s time for a change!


Key factors

In a context of fierce competition and pet owners’ declining loyalty to their care team, first impressions are key. That is why it is so important to make an excellent impression on clients the very first time they interact with your veterinary facility, whether it’s a simple phone call or an in-person visit. To ensure a consistent experience, every detail counts, from the content on your website to the ambiance in your waiting room, and from the quality of service to the way your staff dress.

To the extent that it differentiates you from the competition, your facility’s brand helps you position yourself. The better you know your clients and their needs, the better able you will be to offer them an authentic brand that is perfectly aligned with the profile of your target audience.

Key steps to successful rebranding
  1. Reflect (yup!)
    Reflect on the qualities or services that set your practice apart. Carefully analyze the profile of your clients (why not poll them on a list of specific elements), as well as that of your closest competitors.
  2. Make a list
    Draw up a list of all the elements that will need to be rebranded: logo, signs, advertisements, website, social media, etc. Think about the different physical elements that identify your practice, and don’t forget the digital environment in the process!
  3. Go one step further
    In your reflection, remember to include protocols that will ensure consistency of care, as this is crucial to your establishment’s credibility. Because word of mouth is so important, two clients with the same needs should receive the same information, regardless of which employee serves them.
  4. Choose the right partner
    Choosing a qualified agency is an essential part of this process. A good agency will ask you the right questions so you don’t overlook anything and will guide you in the creation of visual elements that highlight the uniqueness of your company.

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