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Brighten up your career path with CDMV!

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Here at CDMV, we all share the same fire that feeds our passion every day, motivates us and leads us to surpass ourselves.

We do everything with care, keeping client satisfaction in mind, always with the goal of supporting the veterinary profession and thus to have a significant impact on animal health.

Does this description of our work environment get you fired up? You too can share the inner fire — choose CDMV!

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Our six beacons
of light


Creating value

Our company’s very DNA is made up of initiatives and rigorous processes that all aim to create added value — for us and for our clients and business partners.



From concept to delivery, we bring a combination of rigour, insight, adaptability and daring to finding out-of-the-ordinary opportunities.


Inner fire

CDMV employees are sustained by an inner fire that leads us to passionately yet simply aim for excellence in all we do.



Dedication is well-rooted in our corporate culture. Each day, we devote ourselves to using our skills to serve the mission.


Team player

We firmly believe that collaboration is key to reaching the highest goals. The talent and expertise of each and every employee blend as we work towards a common goal.


Be of one mind

Our success stems from that of our employees, our clients, our suppliers and the profession in general. A clear understanding of the challenges we each face leads to our mutual success. United by common goals, we are sometimes copilots, and always of one mind.


CDMV offers a wide array of employee benefits.
Working with an exceptional team is just one of them!

Assurances Collectives

Group insurance

An attractive group insurance package that includes, among other things, dental insurance.

Programme de gestion des talents

Talent management

Emphasize professional advancement with a development plan

Régime de retraite

Retirement plan

An attractive package is how we reward our employees for their involvement.

Programme d'accueil et d'intégration

New employee welcome
and integration program

We do our best to promote active collaboration and the integration of new employees.

Assistance program for you and your family

Assistance program for you and your family

A variety of resources to advise, support and develop. Confidential and accessible at all times!