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From AHT
to web merchandiser

By Valérie Dion

When I was 10, I fell deeply in love with Felix, my first cat. Later, our family welcomed a new member – Charlie, a blond American Cocker Spaniel with whom we shared 12 wonderful years of our lives. My future was all mapped out from an early age: I would study in a field that would allow me to make a difference in the lives of animals!

That’s how I wound up in the Animal Health Technology program.

I graduated in 2008.

The two years I spent working in a veterinary clinic were more difficult than I had imagined. Managing the client relationship can be an emotional roller-coaster ride, with a lot of highs, but also many lows. At the time, the challenges of caring for animals that were afraid of me or that simply didn’t want to be handled by a stranger, having to constantly justify the value of my services, and juggling with a variable work schedule made me feel that I wasn’t in the right place. It was a very difficult thing for me to admit.

Today, I continue to have a profound admiration for this profession.

As a recent graduate, I wondered how I could put my expertise to good use. After making it known to the whole world that I wanted to reorient my career, a family member told me about CDMV. Bingo! Here was a company that would allow me to make use of my vast knowledge of veterinary products, while continuing to contribute to the well-being of animals, although in a different way – in my own way.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve touched on different aspects of CDMV’s value-added offering, first in its “bricks-and-mortar” boutiques, and later in the area of e-commerce. In my current position, I’m responsible for making improvements to the online sales platform. In a nutshell, my job is to integrate the best e-commerce practices into our offering for the benefit of our clients and, by extension, for the benefit of our clients’ clients.

I should clarify here that the marketing team doesn’t only do “e-com”: we use an efficient platform and turn it into a complete, turnkey solution that’s capable of meeting the specific needs and rapid pace of work of our clients, whose reality I’m very familiar with.

Creativity is a must in my daily life. I’m constantly on the lookout for solutions, for new ideas. I should also explain that a lot of my motivation comes from the energy I put into earning my certificate in marketing, which I’m pursuing in conjunction with my job. The notions I’m exploring in my studies allow me to combine theory with the technical knowledge and skills I’ve acquired over the years, and have even given me a better understanding of some of the potential directions the company could take. My going back to school also coincided with the recent transformation undertaken at CDMV. The combination of all these factors has helped accelerate the pace of my professional development.

In the end, although I haven’t followed a typical career path, it’s one that has allowed me to grow, not only professionally, but also on a human level. If it’s true that a thirst for learning keeps you young, I can certainly look forward to many more years ahead of me… and many more ideas to explore!

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