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Quality without

By Susan Luther

Despite my many years of experience in logistics management, never before have I seen such short turnaround times for order preparation. A CDMV client can place an order and receive it the next day: for me, this was unheard of, at least in a B2B industry!

I think that, subconsciously, in addition to serving the noble cause of animal health, this is one of the factors that made me want to work with CDMV as manager of its Toronto distribution centre: it was a chance to be part of a team that’s fully aware of its clients’ needs and dedicated to meeting those needs to the best of its ability, despite the complexity this entails.

The daily challenges of my work are numerous and my goals are ambitious.

In order to maintain the level of accuracy and productivity that our clients expect, I have to constantly ensure that no shortcuts are taken in our key processes (receiving, procurement and order fulfillment). To achieve this, I rely, among other things, on training and increased communication with my team: everyone needs to be aware of the impact of their task on the process and on others. My goal is to make sure my team understands the importance of paying attention to all the details that ultimately make a difference for the client.

In fact, I see my role as similar to that of a conductor, who makes sure that each member of the orchestra knows their role, knows their score, and respects the tempo in order to create perfect harmony, with no false notes. At times, the melody reaches a crescendo, especially during the huge seasonal fluctuations typical of our industry. For example, in April and May, our volume of orders doubles and we have to manage this increased workload in a way that doesn’t impact the client, who has a right to receive its order with all the rigour demanded of us. Despite these fluctuations, I’m proud of our high availability rate: 99% of the time, the client receives the product he ordered.

Of course, things don’t stop there. With complete client satisfaction as our ultimate goal, over the coming months we will continue to work on improving the quality and accuracy of orders, while also pursuing our efforts to improve transportation channels.

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