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Bringing us
closer together

By Martha Little

Even as a little girl, I knew that my future career choice would be influenced by my love for animals. And sure enough, since 1981, I’ve held different positions in veterinary practices in Toronto, first as a Registered Veterinary Technician and then as a practice manager. Later, I transferred my knowledge of the industry and the leadership skills acquired over the years to sales, on the manufacturing side of things.

And now, here I am, still working within this great and evolving veterinary profession, and I’m just as passionate about it today as the day I started. For the past seven years, I’ve held the position of regional manager of sales for the West and Ontario at CDMV. Every once in a while, I think back to the day when I was offered this job and to how surprised I must have looked! I knew that joining the ranks of a Quebec company would bring its own set of challenges, not to mention the cultural learning curve I would be facing!

Then I met Lucia, at the time vice-president of sales and today CEO of the company. I was immediately impressed by her clear understanding of the industry and the sparkle in her eyes when she told me about her ambition to transform CDMV from a “Quebec company” into a truly pan-Canadian company. The more she talked, the more I could see how passionate she was. Her determination helped me overcome my apprehensions, which is why I’m here today, contributing to the achievement of this dynamic and exciting vision.

As regional manager, my role is to guide, inform and motivate my team of representatives so they can provide optimal support and advice to our clients. While it’s a rewarding role in itself, I also believe in the importance of informing and educating the teams at head office in order to help them get a feel of our great country’s different territories and familiarize them with the characteristics, realities, challenges and issues specific to each region. I’m fortunate to be able to count on my colleagues in Ontario and Alberta to strengthen these ties between business centres, always with a view to honouring our status as a pan-Canadian distributor while taking into account the diversity, specificities and cultural differences this entails.

I’m Martha Little and I’m a proud ambassador of the rich and multiple cultural dimensions that define our great country… as well as our great company.

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