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Putting the client at the
heart of our decisions

By Lucia Pollice

I’m Lucia Pollice, the CEO of CDMV… and “pet-mama” to Rocky – a cat best described as a dog “wannabe” – whose every purr melts my heart. Proving that things have a funny way of working out in life, Rocky entered my life as a stray kitten, just before I joined CDMV. As a neophyte “cat lady” learning to understand his needs, my work enabled the development of a unique relationship with the woman who would become Rocky’s vet… as well as my friend.

Indeed, over the past few years, my role as CEO has given me an opportunity to form close bonds with many people who make a valuable contribution to the veterinary profession, and these relationships have given me a genuine appreciation of the complexity of our industry.

You will often hear me say that CDMV’s success as a business depends on the success of our clients. With an average of three deliveries each week, it is not surprising that we forge bonds with our clients through our near daily presence in their lives. And that’s what we strive to do: develop a genuine partnership that goes beyond a relationship defined simply in terms of our respective roles of “customer/supplier.”

Candidly, I’ve always found the notion of “partner” to be somewhat overused, misused or at least poorly defined. For me, one is not really a partner when the relationship is limited to that of merely selling a product or service. In my opinion, a true partner earns the trust to becoming an integral part of their client’s business activities, adding value to their everyday life and relationships with their clients. It starts with understanding our clients’ reality, needs and challenges. It then leads to working diligently to enrich our relationships with our clients that, in turn, result in partnerships that reflect this ambition.

We are adamant about placing our clients at the heart of our actions. It’s more than just words on a page – it’s a reality. For the past three years, I have dedicated myself to turning CDMV’s focus to grow, evolve, improve our service portfolio, our relationships and our ability to serve our clients. And we’re moving forward, one step at a time.

It is inevitable. Any business must evolve to remain relevant. Rather, any business must want to evolve. In my view, that equates to combining human expertise with effective tools and optimal processes, as well as committing to continuous improvement, so that our clients see the benefit in doing business with us. Whether it’s through an impeccable distribution service or the use of pertinent and high-quality value-added services, we are engaged.

To me, innovation is more than just a catchword; my team and I are determined to demonstrate it by bringing strategy, vision and coherence to the core of our activities.

Do we understand the full significance of the meaning of these words, partnership and innovation?

Undoubtedly and humbly, we still have work to do. But we’re on the right path and it’s a path in which we firmly believe. Any changes we’ve made have a single overriding goal: to support our clients in providing better service to their clients. That’s what defines a true, innovative partner. For the CDMV team, that’s what our desire to do more for veterinarians is all about!

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