AMVQ 2012

April 20-22, 2012

Three days of conferences during which the CDMV team exchanged with the participants under the theme "40 years of passion".

Visitors at the CDMV booth stopped by to sign our "Wall of Fame" and learned more about the CDMV eBusiness tools, the Veterinary Boutiques and LogiVet.

CDMV awarded many participants with prizes!

Mrs. Renée-Claude Mahu, animal health technician at clinique vétérinaire de Victoriaville and Dr. Patrick Beaudoin of clinique vétérinaire Douville, have won an iPod Shuffle following our in-booth draw. On this picture, Dr. Beaudoin's wife came to claim his prize, with Mr. Pierre Leclerc.

Two winners of a green line gift basket:
Dr. Lucie Larocque of clinique vétérinaire St-Georges and Mrs. Geneviève Boucher of clinique vétérinaire La Griffe.



And the prize for the most assiduous attendee at the AMVQ Conference was won this year by Dr. Pierre Lavallée, here with Mrs. Shannon Kousaie.




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