An online store for mobile veterinary practices: A good idea?

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Published on August 25, 2020

Today’s pet owners are very clear about their expectations: not only do they want to shop where and when it suits them, but they want a unified experience, and, above all, convenience. eCommerce offers all that… and more!

But is this sales channel suitable for everyone? What about mobile veterinary practices?

The answer is a resounding YES! To prove it, here are six advantages to integrating an online store into a practice offering mobile veterinary services.

Better compliance with recommendations

Mobile veterinary practices have already adapted to the needs of the pet owners: they make home visits, offering maximum convenience and the comfort of receiving care in a familiar place for patients.

Because your clients trust your recommendations and expertise, they will appreciate being able to purchase a product recommended by you, from your own online store, while still in your presence. By exploiting the potential of this sales channel, you can offer added convenience and better continuity. Today’s pet owners are looking for “one-stop shopping”: a personalized online store will strengthen your relationship with them by making it easier to follow recommendations.

Increased revenue

While a mobile practice offers the pet owners the benefit of receiving care for their companion in the comfort of their own home, for the veterinarian, this convenience comes at a higher price, since he or she does not necessarily make revenue from the sale of food, toys or accessories. By expanding your services to include online shopping, you provide an incentive for your clients to purchase products whose quality you believe in, right from their home. And, in addition to increasing your sales revenue, an online store is an effective way to maintain a close relationship with them..


Most people like to be able to shop from the comfort of their own home, at a time that suits them. An online store gives the pet owners the freedom to shop whenever they want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without having to deal with foot traffic or practice hours. Your clients will appreciate having their order delivered right to their front door.

More variety

Online stores offer incredible variety! Sitting in front of their screens, the pet owners have access to an almost infinite inventory of products. You can offer your clients numerous brands and a wide range of products without having to worry about storage space or managing inventory!

Recurring orders

Once you have prescribed a specific diet for a patient, the challenge is to make sure the diet is maintained. Giving your clients the option to sign up for a recurring order feature for items such as food and treats offers them a simple, worry-free way to receive products. The recurring order process also generates more revenue, as the pet owner is less likely to forget to come by the practice to pick up a bag of food… only to end up going to a large retailer and purchasing a lower-quality product due to lack of availability or time.

Client reach

Have you ever forgotten to make an appointment with the dentist to get your teeth cleaned? You’re not alone! After all, you only go to the dentist once a year and after your visit, if you don’t get a reminder, you may well forget to make your next appointment. Most veterinary practices only contact their clientele two to four times a year. However, maintaining a close client relationship is essential. By sending professional and relevant email communications to your clients, you can significantly increase the potential to build loyalty. Communication initiatives are also excellent opportunities to educate clients and engage them in a conversation that highlights your expertise.

Clients Newsletters are one of the most innovative services included in many online store offerings. Interested in learning more about the features that will ensure the success of an online store for your practice? Find out more here!

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