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Technical requirements

Technical Requirements

Compatible web browsers

Our site is tested and compatible with the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 60 or more (recommended)
  • Google Chrome 68 or more (recommended)
  • Apple Safari 10.1 or more (recommended)
  • Edge 15 or more (recommended)

Session Timeout

For your protection, if we detect any activity of your browsing session 30 minutes after you log in with your access codes, you will be automatically logged out of the transactional website. This standard safety measure in the ecommerce industry protects you against unauthorized access.

Delete browser session cookies

After you log in to the CDMV transactional site, if you get a message like “Application Error…”, it’s because there is a conflict with a session cookie on your Web browser. To address this problem, delete the session cookies on your browser. The procedure varies depending on the browser.

For Mozilla Firefox

For Google Chrome

Apple Safari