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Product returns

Return policy

The product return policy put forward by CDMV must respect those issued by its suppliers. Pharmaceutical, biological and diagnostic product suppliers and distributors are governed under specific Federal rules, such as the Food and Drug Regulations and the Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines (GMP). Although the same rules apply to every product, return conditions for similar products may differ from one supplier to another. We invite our clients to consult the specific conditions at www.cdmv.com (“Search Tool” section) or to contact the CDMV Customer Service Department. In case of disagreement about the return policy of a supplier, please contact the manufacturer’s representative.


General Conditions

  1. The client must first obtain a return authorization number from the CDMV Customer Service Department. Issuance of an authorization number does not guarantee that the merchandise will be credited.
  2. Each return form must contain the following information:
    • Return authorization number;
    • Client name, address and phone number;
    • CDMV account number;
    • Code, quantity and description for each product;
    • Invoice number for each product;
    • Purchase order number, if any;
    • Reason for the return.
      Important – In the case of precursors or controlled substances: after the client has requested a return number, an authorization form signed by the Qualified person in charge (QPIC or A/QPIC) will be issued and sent. A copy of this signed document serves as reference for returned products and for federal control or inspection purposes.
  3. a) Any goods shipped by mistake by CDMV, or damaged during delivery, must be reported within 48 hours (2 working days) after delivery to the client. b) Any goods ordered by mistake by the client, must also be reported within 48 hours (2 working days) after delivery to the client. In the case of products subject to GMP guidelines, the supplier’s return conditions will be strictly adhered to as these products cannot be returned to inventory once delivered to a veterinary facility. It is important to note that the shipment by CDMV of a product with an expiry date considered to be too short based on an establishment’s usage does not qualify as an error on CDMV’s part. Please be sure to check the quantities ordered carefully to avoid an inventory surplus.
  4. Products must be returned “Collect” to CDMV within 48 hours (2 working days) after obtaining the return authorization number. The client must use the carrier selected by CDMV. Should the goods returned be insured or should they be returned by a carrier of the sender’s choice, the latter will be responsible for all charges incurred.
  5. In the case of goods ordered by mistake, shipping fees, according to the package weight and the distance, and a handling fee of 10% will be charged. Administrative fees may apply to some returns. Please contact CDMV’s Customer Service for more information.
  6. Our CDMV Account Executives are not authorized to accept merchandise returns. Only an agent from the CDMV Customer Service Department is authorized to do so.
  7. CDMV does not accept the return of products or biomedical waste for destruction. It is the client’s responsibility to contact a company specialized in the destruction of products

In the case of a refused return, an administration fee reflecting the cost of management, transportation, redirection and/or third party destruction will be applied.


Detailed conditions

  1. Products compliant for resale – Authorized return
    The product must have been bought from CDMV, be intact and compliant for resale, including its components, packaging and size. In addition:

    • For a product with an expiry date, the date must be similar to the products currently in stock at CDMV;
    • For a product with no expiry date, the return request must be made no later than thirty (30) days following the date of purchase.
      The return of a product compliant for resale will be accepted, without return fees from the manufacturer.
  2. Products not compliant for resale
    The principles put forward in the Food and Drugs Act and the Health of Animals Act (from which originate the GMP rules) do not allow pharmaceutical, biological or diagnostic products to be returned to a distributor’s facility, for resale, after delivery to a veterinary facility. Those products must be deemed as not compliant for resale when returned to a distributor. For this reason, product-specific return conditions must be thoroughly adhered to. The return of a product not compliant for resale will be:

    • Rejected if the manufacturer does not accept returns or,
    • Accepted by applying the manufacturer’s return condition along with any manufacturer return fees, if applicable.
      For more details, visit www.cdmv.com (“Search Tool” section) where the return conditions are displayed for each item or contact the CDMV Customer Service Department at 1-800-668-2368.
  3. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, no return will be accepted in the following cases:
    • Discontinued, on clearance sale or special order products;
    • Products purchased in quantities requiring exceptionally high supply from CDMV;
    • Instruments that were used;
    • Incomplete items or damaged packages;
    • Any product not bought from CDMV;
    • Any product considered not to be complying with CDMV’s or with the manufacturers’ return policies;
    • Any merchandise returned more than two (2) working days after the date of authorization issued by the CDMV Customer Service Department.

Last update  April 21, 2021