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For maximum protection of your orders and online payments

Secure technologies – Identity protection – Proactive monitoring

CDMV is taking strong protective measures to ensure the security of your personal data and operations.

  • Our website www.cdmv.com is HTTPS-protected with an Entrust certificate with SHA256 encryption with a RSA key of 2048 bits and a TLS 1.2 transport protocol. This provides the highest level of security in terms of connection between the user and our website.
  • Credit card data is encrypted as soon as it is created and the number is msasked for future use.
  • We submit our website to monthly tests in order to detect the latest vulnerabilities and protect ourselves from possible intrusion attempts.

The best protection: your vigilance

  • Use personal access codes (nothing generic such as VET#1 or a password such as 12345).
  • Ask your personnel to set up easy-to-remember, but hard-to-guess passwords.
  • Never reveal your username or password, especially when you’re online, even to the police or to your Internet provider. CDMV will never send unsolicited emails asking for your username, password or account number.
  • Change your password every 3 months.

Be well equipped

  • Use firewall and antivirus software as well as updated software that can remove anything malicious. They will protect your personal network from hackers and malicious websites.
  • Use recent browsers. To find out which browsers are recommended, visit the Technical Requirements section.

*New* Check regularly to see who uses your account information
Some old colleagues or employees may still have access credentials.

Go to the following section: eServices > Profile

To remove one of those users from your list, please contact our team by sending an email to: account.info@cdmv.com.