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Invoices, statements and packing slips

Packing slips

Get your Packing Slips in PDF

The packing slips of your orders are available online as soon as your orders are shipped. Here’s how to get a PDF version:

  • On the transactional website, go to the upper right menu “eServices”
  • Connect with your access codes
  • You automatically see the content of the “Orders” submenu. This section displays your orders of the last 7 days by default.
  • Use the search tool to find the desired order (if necessary)
  • Click on the “Shipment Details” icon in the row corresponding to the order for which you require the packing slip
  • In the “Shipment Details” page, click on the number to the right of “Shipments for this Order”
  • In the “Shipment Number Details” page, click on the “Download”link to the right of “packing slip”.
  • A warning: “This may take a minute, do you want to continue?”
  • Click OK.
  • The PDF version of your delivery will be displayed on the screen