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Controlled drugs

Electronic signature

What is an electronic signature?

  • An electronic signature is based on a secure stamp rather than a handwritten signature.
  • Your ordering process does not change – the electronic signature is built into CDMV’s platform.You can sign electronically from any web browser (no need to install special software).

Is it secure?

Priority is given to the document integrity and security.

CDMV chose Silanis, a world leader in electronic signatures who:

  • Have more than 20 years of experience.
  • Have the highest customer satisfaction rating (97%) of any e-signature vendor.
  • Handle 1 billion electronically signed documents each year in the world.
  • Provide their eSignLive solution service to several large insurance companies, banks and government agencies around the world, as well as in regulated industries.

Is it legal?

The electronic signature provides total legal protection and built-in audit trails, based on a 3-level process:

  1. User authentication
  2. Document authentication
  3. Process evidence.

Silanis electronic signature complies with Health Canada’s recommended practices.

Is it complicated?

The process is quick and easy.

  1. You order your controlled substances online.  If you do not already have your access to order controlled substances online, please go on the controlled substances website at www.cdmv.com and click on “Register – Create your Access Codes”
  2. The Acknowledgement of Receipt form will be displayed on the controlled substances website home page the morning following your order and you will be notified by email.
  3. You have 5 days to sign the form. Beyond that 5-day period, you will not be able to place any new controlled substances orders.
  4. If you have not signed the Acknowledgement of Receipt form within 5 days, the expired document will be displayed in red on the home page and you will receive a reminder by email.

What do I gain by using this solution?

For just $1 per order, or the same cost as a postal stamp:

  • Save time.The electronic signature process is instantaneous – you can avoid delays due to the regular mail system.
  • Prevent the return of incomplete documents.The electronic signature guarantees that all required fields are filled before sending the form.
  • Access your documents.Your signed documents are available anytime under eServices (Orders – Shipment details).

How do I activate my online access and my Silanis electronic signature?

  • If you already have your access code to order controlled substances, we ask that you complete the “Request for Silanis Electronic Signature” form (contact us to get your form) and to send us an ID bearing your signature for validation purposes.
  • If you do not yet have your access code to order controlled substances through the web, you can register online on the “Controlled Substances” login page and by clicking on the “Register – Create your Access Codes” link.

Can I choose not to use the electronic signature service and come back to the regular mailing order method?

We encourage online orders, as they are processed faster, in a more secure and compliant way, compared to documents sent by regular mail or our drivers.

If you decide not to use the electronic signature service, you can always come back to the mail-in order form and the longer delays. In this case, you may not continue to use the website to order your controlled substances as your access code will be deactivated.

Where will the copy of my personal ID be stored?

All your confidential documents will be stored in your personal file inside our secured vault, which complies with Health Canada’s requirements.

What happens if I do not sign the Acknowledgement Receipt form within 5 days?

You will receive an email notifying you that your acknowledgement receipt form is overdue. You will then be invited to connect to the controlled substances ordering website and to sign all pending acknowledgement receipt forms. After the 5-day delay, you will not be able to order any more controlled substances as long as your acknowledgement receipt forms remain unsigned. As soon as you sign your pending forms, you will immediately be able to place a new order.

The veterinarian usually placing the controlled substances orders is going on vacation. Can another team member use his/her access code to place orders or to sign acknowledgement receipt forms?

No. For compliance and security reasons, a veterinarian requesting web access to order controlled substances commits to not sharing his/her access code.

Our controlled substances order was delivered, but the veterinarian who placed the order is not on site and cannot sign the acknowledgement receipt form. What should we do?

The veterinarian can sign the acknowledgement receipt form from anywhere, using a computer or a mobile device with internet access. No one except the authorized veterinarian who placed the order can sign the acknowledgement receipt form and, for compliance reasons, we recommend that you do not use the products as long as the acknowledgement receipt form is not duly signed.

There is a shipping error in my order, what should I do?

Although errors are rare, they sometimes occur. In the event of an error, do not sign the acknowledgement receipt form if the products do not match those on the packing slip. Contact our Customer Service Team – Technical Service as soon as possible and we will adjust the acknowledgement receipt form with the right information so you can sign it promptly.

I wish to return products ordered by mistake, should I sign the acknowledgement receipt form?

If you received all products listed on the order, you need to sign the acknowledgement receipt form to prevent blocking any future orders. If you need to return a product, please contact our Customer Service Team and follow the regular procedure.

What happens if I pick up my orders in person?

Place your order as you normally do, to be picked up during the day. The acknowledgement receipt form will be generated and available for your online signature the following day.