Driven by innovation and dedicated to developing turnkey solutions, CDMV strives to be
a catalyst for the veterinary profession.

Our primary mission is distribution and we are proud of honouring our pledge to our clients,
on a daily basis. Furthermore, we are committed to differentiating our extensive set of services
designed to help foster your growth. Tailored to each veterinary practice, our value-added
services assist you in:

·  Promoting your practice.

·  Improving your retail operations.

·  Growing your relationships with clients.

·  Leveraging technology.

·  Bettering the management of your practice.

Focusing on the future, we continue to develop our online Boutique solution to support
you in this new and inevitable evolution in relationships with your clientele. It is with much
enthusiasm that we will be speaking with you about our customizable solution in the weeks
and months to come.

Together, let's push innovation up a notch for the veterinary practices of today… and tomorrow!

Lucia Pollice
President and CEO